What does Forsage mean?

Forsage is a “crowdfunding international platform of new generation and the first ever smart contract with the marketing of type ‘matrix’ in the blockchain of Ethereum cryptocurrency.”

Confused? There’s a lot to unpack here so let’s take the definition of terms apart one by one:

Crowdfunding: The venture relies on ordinary people contributing smaller amounts to fund their program instead of getting funding from venture capitalists and other investors.

Marketing-type matrix: Individuals who join Forsage will be required to recruit other people to invest in the scheme, which will make these people the individual’s “upline”

Smart contract: Using blockchain technology as its backbone, the company takes advantage of self-executing transaction protocol that becomes valid instantly, thus removing the need for any intermediary party

Blockchain: A type of decentralized technology that uses blocks scattered throughout numerous computer networks all over the world, recording every transaction within the network and distributed throughout all the members in the platform

Ethereum: The second-largest cryptocurrency network after Bitcoin, Ethereum is both the currency (ETH) and reward system used by Forsage to facilitate its business

In a nutshell, this is how Forsage works:

An individual joins Forsage by either getting invited by an existing member by buying ETH

The new recruit then has to bring in other people using their affiliate link

These people will in turn have to recruit other people, who will also pay an entry fee to become members

All these transactions are recorded through the blockchain network used by Forsage

Who runs Forsage?

Reports point to a certain Lado Okhotnikov serves as the owner of Forsage. According to behindmlm.com, Okhotnikov is a Russian that might be currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Meanwhile, the website (forsage.io) was only registered on February 9, 2020.

How do you earn from Forsage?

Forsage has no identifiable product or service offered. To earn commissions, you need to recruit people to your network and a certain percentage of their payment will return to you.

However, Forsage has a more complex affiliate earning scheme—and it comes in two ways:

3×1 matrix: You only need three people to sign as your affiliates, whether as direct recruits or under the people who registered using your affiliate link.

2×2 matrix: Once there at least four people within your network, you will automatically be enrolled in a more lucrative payment system where you will receive bigger commissions for every successful recruit.

Is Forsage a scam?

Although it is not registered with the SEC, it is premature to judge Forsage as a scam. However, keep in mind that any transaction you make with the company and its agents are beyond the realm of the agency.

Steps on how to join forsage

Step 1: download Trust wallet on your phone.https://share.trustwallet.com/pSJKMra

Step 2: fund your Trust wallet at least 0.07 etherum

Click on the buy option at the top right corner.

Step 3: click on the box sign(4 box) to lead you to a search page

Paste this link on the search page :


Step 4: click on join now and register.